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Kids Activity: How to make a clay bowl.

To all my Eco Creatives members reading this blog, I hope your little ones have enjoyed this months Eco Creatives Box. I received so many amazing photos of little hands creating their clay bowl.  

If you have found this page and are not quite sure when Eco Creatives is, well let me explain. Eco Creatives is a monthly subscription box for your little one (aged 5yo+) which includes a unique, eco-conscious and entertaining activity inside. The activity could be a DIY, like this box, or craft, or a hands on educational activity, all PLASTIC FREE!

Does your little one love creating things? Discovering new things? Learning about new things? Do you want to teach your little one that they can have all this fun without putting plastic and waste into our precious environment? Then you will both LOVE the Eco Creatives Subscription Box.



Now lets talk clay

I'm going to show you how your little one can make their very own beautiful Clay Bowls using air dry clay and natural leaves. No firing or baking required. You won't believe how easy they are to make.


To my Eco Creatives members, you will not have to run around the shops looking for your goods, all of what you need is in your Eco Creatives Box ready to go. You do have the option of heading outdoors and collecting more died leaves. 

What you will need 

- Air drying clay

- Rolling pin

- Pressed dried leaves

- Craft knife (kids safe knife)

- Bowl or deep plate (this will be your mould)

eco creatives kids subscription box air drying clay bowl

Image: All the goodies inside July's Eco Creatives Kids Subscription Box.

Step to create a clay bowl

1. Knead your clay until soft. Roll your clay out to about 3mm thick.

Eco Creatives Kids Subscription Box

2. Take a bowl and place it upside down on your clay. use your knife to cut around the edge of the bowl.

Eco Creatives Kids Subscription Box

3. Peel away the remaining clay to leave the circle of clay behind that will form your bowl.

Eco Creatives Kids Subscription Box

4. Use your knife to help loosen and lift the clay off your work surface. Place back down for the next step. 

Eco Creatives Kids Subscription Box

5. Place your leaves onto the clay and gently roll the polling pin over the leaves. 

Eco Creatives Kids Subscription Box

6. Your leaves should now be pressed and stuck into the clay.

Eco Creatives Kids Subscription Box

7. Use your knife to carefully lift your clay circle and place it into your glass bowl. Use your thumbs to press the clay down gently into the bowl.

Dip your finger in water and use your finger to smooth out the edges.

Eco Creatives Kids Subscription Box

Let it dry for 2 days then carefully lift your clay bowl out of the glass bowl. 

Wa-La! You are finished! 

Eco Creatives Kids Subscription Box

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