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How to enjoy an eco-friendly Halloween

Halloween originates as far back as the 4th century, although the date was not moved to 31st October until 837AD. It’s a huge celebration in the USA with Americans spending on average a whopping $8.4 BILLION dollars a year for the day! Australians aren’t spending those big bucks just yet but celebrating Halloween is becoming more popular every year. We are purchasing costumes, decorations, party goods and candy. Unfortunately, most of these items are ending up in landfill and our environment.

There are so many eco-friendly options out there where you can have all the Halloween traditions without the impact on the environment or taking the fun away.

Here are a few of my favourite idea on how to celebrate an eco-friendly Halloween!




 I’ll put my hand up and say I LOVE a good dress up party! Actually, I think a lot of people do, which is great because that means there’s an array of costumes already brought for you, but your mates have them! Borrow from a mate that looked great last year whilst trick or treating. Put a call out on social media or go say hello and raid their custom box while you're there, we all have one!

 Costume Swap Party:

Chat to the principal at your local school about organising a costume swap party! All the kids can bring old costumes to school, set up a little shop, and kids can chose a new one for this year! You could do one better and get the kids to bring a gold coin to donate to a local environmental organisation!

Th Eco Party Place - Photo Credit Wonderarts

Photo credit: Wonderarts

Costume DIY:

Grab out your old clothes that are too warn to take to the Salvos, your craft box, and your imagination, as you can create your own costume. If you cant think of an idea, always have a look on Pinterest as it will definitely get your creative juices flowing!



Fruit & Vegetable carvings:

Nothing says Halloween like a carved pumpkin, but have you seen the new craze up here in sunny Queensland? Carved pineapples! Yep! Nothing says Ozzie Halloween like a carved pineapple! Both of these options are great as you can compost the decoration once the celebrations are over. When using candles inside your carvings, always opt for beeswax or vegetable wax as it is not only better for the environment, it is better for your health.

The Eco Party Place - Eco-friendly halloween

Ozzie Ghosts:

Why not pair your ozzie pineapple carving with some ozzie gum nut and leaf ghosts and zombies! Check out these gorgeous yet spooky DIY decorations Penny from @mothernatured has created.

The Eco Party Place - Photo credit MothernaturedThe Eco Party Place - eco-friendly halloween - photo credit Mothernatured

Play Dough Monsters:

If you aren't already following @deerandfawns, you MUST! They have recently shared a great activity. Let the kids get creative with some play dough and make something spooky using natural elements including sticks, leaves, seeds and nuts! This is a fun way to let those little minds run wild with their imaginations. 

The Eco Party Place - eco-friendly halloween party

Toilet Roll Bats:

The incredibly eco-friendly bats below have been made by Rachel from the @themakermum. She has used empty toilet rolls, some wire for the feet and dried leaves for the wings. Looks great if you hang a few in a tree or off a branch too!

The Eco Party Place - Eco-friendly halloween party


Wrapper free lollies:

 Head to your local bulk food store like the Source Bulk Food and buy a mix of chocolates and lollies, don’t forget to take your own container or reusable bag. You can then get creative and either wrap small handfuls of lollies in tissue paper, or use little brown paper bags. You can put your own designs on the bags or find free printable like the ones below.

The Eco Party Place - Eco-friendly Halloween party


Skip the sweets:

Instead of handing out lollies to the little trick or treaters, why not hand out Halloween themed colouring in sheets like these from @mylittlebirdiespd. Download a bundle for $5 which includes 5 different colouring in pages and print as many as you like!

The Eco Party Place - eco-friendly Halloween - mylittlebirdies colouring pages

Well that's it for now, I hope these ideas helped. I would love to see what you come up with, tag us @theecopartyplace and we will show our audience your eco-friendly Halloween.



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